Chris Rieger | Engg2800 Team Project 1

Clock - Team Project 1 at UQ (Engg2800)

This project was a team project which 3 of my friends and I implemented over a couple of months. It is a fully functional table side clock with 77 SMD leds, individually controlled by an atmega168 microcontroller, which drives a 16 bit shift register, multiplexed with switching transistors. The interesting part of this build is that the clock is optically programmable by using a python based GUI, whereby the computer screen flashes a sequence that is decoded by the atmega168 using a photodiode. Full schematics, BOM, pictures, firmware, etc are available for download here.

We ranked 'top of the class' with our project, which would not have been possible if we didn't all put in the effort we did. Each of us focused on different aspects on the build, producing a fairly solid final product.

Team: Chris Rieger, Johnathan (Ye) Ding, Bradley Coonan, Carl Li.

Specification: Download
Report: Download or View using PDF.js
PCB (Altium): Download
Firmware (AVR Studio): Download
GUI (Python): Download
Android Java App Download + Source
Cuttables: Download

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