Chris Rieger | Engg4810 Team Project 1

Portable Logger - Team Project 2 at UQ (Engg4810)

Team: Chris Rieger, Aaron Boshammer, Geoffrey Kiem, Khoa Tran.

This project was completed as part of coursework at UQ. The aim of the project was to build a portable data logger that could be used to track dangerous goods and measure certain activity related to the safety of those goods. The device is capable of measuring GPS location, temperature, barometric pressure, accelleration and luminosity data. This data is logged onto a microSd card which logs at a desired interval or when for example a shock abnormality occurs. This data is collected for later analysis by the software, whereby the route can be tracked and points of interest can be mapped through heatmaps.
Additionally, a path is mappable in the software which can be loaded onto the logger to act as a geofencing device, alerting the user through a visual and audable alarm when a path is being left.
Over a 10 week period, our team created the device seen in the images below. All source code / files are available for anyone looking to gain further insight into the project.

Specification: Download
Schematic: Download
PCB (Altium): Download
PCB Video: Download
BOM: Download
Firmware (Code Composer Studio): Download
Software: Download and Source and Guide
Cuttables: Download

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