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Game of Thrones - Laser Cut Book Ends

This is a birthday present I made for someone who is a Game of Thrones fan. It's the Stark house logo assembled from various veneers, largely based of this design.

9mm plywood is used for the book end itself. Walnut, Maple and Cherry veneer was used for 'scales' which were applied with super glue in a layered fashion.

You can download the file ready for cutting below. 1 unit = 1mm.
SVG File: Download

The design can be seen in the image below which is split into various cuts from the woods.

The wood is now cut on the laser cutter. Firstly a bit of testing was needed to get the power levels right to get through the wood whilst not setting it on fire. A few mistakes later and I was able to get a nice clean cut.

Now it's time to glue it all togther. This takes time as the scales must be matched to the engraving on the plywood before glueing them into place. Finally, the overhanging veneer is trimmed back where it must slot into the bookend.

Now we are done! Overall, it came out quite nicely, although requiring a fair bit of assembly time.

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