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XML in Trustfire TR-801

I recently replaced the P7 i had in this light with a XML-T6 emitter. It runs at 3.5amps direct drive and get very hot after about 2minutes of operation. However, this is the brightest pocketlight i have ever seen.

I modded up a p7 emitter into this neat small form Trustfire light. It's running a single 18650 battery, which at full charge drives the emitter at around 3.5volts at ~1.5amps. Although this is only half of what ive pushed this emitter to it still produces a very bright flood. Dissapating about 5 watts, the head of the torch gets noticably hot within a couple of minutes, the reason for not pushing it further.

In order to fit the stock p7 emitter, i had to cut down the star base largely for it to fit into this tiny head. I applied a generous amount of thermal paste to disapate the heat quickly and glued the emitter in place. I also bypassed the stock driver to allow more than ~700ma to light up the LED. The lumen to size ratio is truely amazing. Its hard to show a good beamshot of this build with my camera, but from the pictures below you can see that it is quite bright. However, anything beyond 20m stays fairly dark, due to the flood nature of the light.

I have added comparision shots below. There is a control shot, a shot of the 1st light shown and a shot of the P7 light.

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