Chris Rieger | GSM Server Alert System

GSM Server Alert System with Arduino

This is my server alert system project, powered by an Arduino. The main idea is that if either;
-The power to the room is lost
-The temperature in the room peaks above 30 degrees Celcius
-A fire is detected via attached smoke alarm
then an alert will be sent out to 2 emergency numbers alert the user of the situation. The system runs off a regular wallwart and when power is lost, instantly switches to 9volt battery power and initiates an alert.

The application allows peace of mind over a small server centre where an expensive monitoring system is out the budget. The total cost for the project was:
-Arduino                                                                      $20
-GSM Module                                                               $30
-Smoke alarm                                                             $10
-SevenSeg displays / Battery / misc circuitry                  $5

Grand Total                                                                 $65

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