Chris Rieger | Startup Catalyst 2015

Startup Catalyst 2015 - Silicon Valley

Startup Catalyst is an annual mission to Silicon Valley for twenty young people who have the potential to be Australia’s next batch of globally successful tech entrepreneurs.

In September 2015 I travelled as part of this team. We visited the tech offices of global companies including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Atlassian, Equinix, Startup House, HackReactor and more. We also attended networking events with startup founders and entrepreneurs as well as taking part in educational events to give us an understanding of what is really involved in launching a globally successful tech startup.

I have created blog posts for parts of the trip with the aim of sharing some of the insights, learnings and general tech awesomeness that we encountered whilst over in Silicon Valley! I did tweet throughout the trip! If you're keen to hear more make sure you follow me here!

Thank You Startup Catalyst!
This trip was not possible without the team at Startup Catalyst. A special thank you to Steve Baxter, Peter Laurie and Colin Kinner! Also thank you to the sponsors such as UQ, QUT and Virgin who helped to make this trip happen! I further want to express my sincere appreciation to Ellen Mackenzie involved in the integral organising of the trip!

I would also like to give a shout out to ShopAtDC, a local startup here in Brisbane who are working on bringing businesses awesome ecommerce solutions! Check them out if this sounds like your business needs a web overhaul!

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