Chris Rieger | Startup Catalyst 2015 - Exploring San Francisco

Startup Catalyst 2015 - Exploring San Francisco

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27th September 2015

Today was the team's 'free day' to recover from jet lag, but also to see some of the city.

First up: BlueBottle Coffee.

I wanted to explore, see the city, see the culture and see some of the touristy things.

We had breakfast at 7:30. Some of us looked more tired than others, but not before long we reached a consensus to hire bicycles. Bikes were a good choice, though I think we may have underestimated some of the distances and definitely some of the (up) hills. We started off in the 'Tenderloin' district and made our way east about 5km to Golden Gate Park. In fact, we even saw Twitter on our way!

Golden gate park was beautiful and a leisurely ride. We made a pit stop at 'de Young Museum' before kicking on north to the Golden Gate Bridge.

On our way we had a few hiccups. We had a snapped chain incident on a bike, and some other minor bike issues. I think what topped it though was Tom's Bike stack, which broke his collarbone (Ouch!)! Turns out the front and back brakes here are the reverse to in Australia... Rumour has it there may have been some text driving involved too hahaha!

But seriously... Tom's Collarbone snapped. He was in and out of the hospital within hours. Not wanting to face US healthcare fee's, he's still powering on with his broken collarbone until he's back in Australia.

Once over the bridge, the ~4km ride down to Sausalito was a cruise with it all being down hill. We were just in time to make the ferry too ($11.50 to cross back to Pier 39). The ferry ride was a great rest after all that pedalling and saw awesome sights such as Alkatraz and got a quite different perspective on the city from the bay.

Finally, we made our way back stopping at the Zig-Zag Street or "Lombard St".

Some of us had more exercise that day than the past three years.

Back at the Hotel we all met up for a 90 minute session with Peter who walked us through Pitching and Idea Generation concepts. His method of teaching is beyond comparison. It's very visual. Finally, dinner at John's grill.

Some intense debates were lead (featuring 'the importance of ideas and/vs execution')

One thing that I think the city really needs to address is the lack of a buzzer at intersections to remind pedestrians to cross, or really just to help blind people. You can also see the safety net (or lack of) failing some of the US citizens here. There's a noticeable homeless problem and the litter / cleanliness is quite bad in comparison to Brisbane.
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