Chris Rieger | Startup Catalyst 2015 - Intro

Startup Catalyst 2015 - Intro

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2nd September 2015

How did it start?
I applied early in the year when the applications opened. I was eager and wanted to be one step closer to achieving my goal of running a global tech company of my own, right here in Brisbane!
I had a few friends who went on last year's trip, who had gained a lot from the experience. I actually asked one of the 2014 participants recently for tips in preparing for the event. He gave good advice, especially to note-take at all the talks! But what was really encouraging was when he said 'they're no smarter over there than we are'! I somewhat believe this encompasses the point of the trip. We have talent in Brisbane; I think we just haven't been shown how to properly use it!

What do I want to get out of this experience?
I want to bring my ideas to the market to create a better future for our planet. Silicon Valley organisations are a great inspiration for me because it’s a centre of innovation and absorbing that innovation would make a difference for my career. I think that seeing first hand the tech industry in Silicon Valley would be an eye opener. Talking to startup founders and seeing how it works will further encourage me to transform some of my own ideas into startups here in Brisbane. Going as part of a group of 20 like-minded individuals will no doubt strengthen my local affiliation and hopefully I can add to their journey with my own thoughts.
I am keen to network as well as create lasting relationships both locally and in Silicon Valley, bringing back some of the enterprising tech-driven dynamic to Brisbane.

I have always had a strong desire to become an entrepreneur / inventor. My study focus blends a business degree with a bachelors and masters of electrical engineering, selected to provide me the skills base to invent and commercialize new ideas. I invest my heart and soul into my projects, however, I recognize my current limitations as a self-funded student and know the importance of a refined education, good entrepreneurial mentors and a network of like-minded people to help bring ideas to the market.

The People
It is an honour to be travelling with these other 19 extremely talented and like-minded individuals. Seriously, Google any of the other participants and you'll find each of them has some serious tech know-how and ability. I was both impressed and astounded that this much talent existed right here in QLD!

Here's the list of everyone going!
Adam Hibble, Aimée Leong, Astrid Jonelynas, Ben Maggacis, Jack Hallahan, Jaco du Plessis, Tex Andersen, Jordan Gardiner, Kevin Upton, Krissy O'Farrell, Marisa Emerson, Michael Sive, Nick Burge, Sam Colbran, Sam Lewis, Sidney de Vries, Thea Koutsoukis, Tom Manderson, Tommi Sullivan

Everyone going is from such a big variety of backgrounds. There's software engineers, mechatronics engineers, electrical engineers (respect!), a UI designer, a games designer, there's a PHD student, there's people who already have their own successful startup!
There's much enthusiasm building up to the event. We've got a lot of discussion happening amongst ourselves using an online group collaboration tool (Slack). It is a great atmosphere to be a part of and I think It's safe to say it's only getting better from here!
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