Chris Rieger | Startup Catalyst 2015 - Meetup & Takeoff!

Startup Catalyst 2015 - Meetup and Take Off!

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26th September 2015

Silicon Valley Here We Come !!!

There's much excitement with the trip finally underway! Much has happened in the past few weeks prior to departure - we've had a formal meetup, informal get-togethers, and now we're flying out (this post was typed on the plane)!

Meeting the Team
A fortnight prior to leaving, the team of 20 as well as Steve Baxter, Collin Kinner and Peter Laurie met up at River City Labs in Brisbane. It was great to see the entire team in person after having known everyone only from their online presence.

At the meetup we started the day with a rundown of the vision of Startup Catalyst. Steve's goal was to spread the Startup culture here in Brisbane much like a virus (e.g. Ebola). There's an abundance of tech talent in Brisbane, however, comparatively a lack of Startups. The point of the mission is to basically help us realise that our tech chops are the same, if not better than those seen in Silicon Valley. The trip will also show us how Startups operate in Silicon Valley and hopefully paint a picture of the Startup scene. We also talked through the very detailed agenda Colin had put together. Every hour of every day was planned out with events/talks! Not before long we had lunch where everyone was buzzing around with excitement and we introduced ourselves, getting to know each other, our backgrounds and inpirations.

In one discussion Steve emphasised that when starting off in Startups, it doesn't matter so much what the idea is that your working on, it's moreso the fact that you're actually working on something rather than sitting on the fence waiting for the perfect idea to come around. It was messages like this that made talking to Steve really valuable. He's been involved with Startups for so long that he's got really practical tips and business investment perspective on tech ideas.

Although I was sleep deprived from my recent travels to Melbourne to go to the ElextroneX conference, listening to and interacting with Steve, Collin and Peter was like an intravenous caffeine hit!

There's quite a wealth of experience here that we could learn from. The key for myself as well as others is to make sure we maximise the value we get out of this (once in a lifetime) opportunity.

Take Off!
The trip sure has crept up quicker than most of us imagined. With Colin having done so much of the hard planning and organising of the events it's separated us a bit from what was about to hit us. One moment we were talking about going, the next WE WERE ACTUALLY GOING!

We had a comfortable flight over with Virgin, one of the sponsors of the trip! Thanks again Virgin! It was also a great time to get some ideas flowing for Startup Weekend, where each of us will be pitching our ideas in less than a week!

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